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Jan. 28th, 2007 @ 11:43 am (no subject)
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Well it's been a little while since i posted an entry, but i do have a life you know.

So with less than 2 weeks until i'm finished with my training here at MCTI, i've been pretty busy in the classroom and outside the classroom. We haven't done much work outside because of the weather, but since winter has come about here, we've been doing most of our work indoors. The cool thing about being in this trade is that i'm not only getting trained in Grounds Maintenance, but i'm also getting trained in custodial work. As part of our training in that field, once a week we go over to the MSU Kellogg Biological Station (which is about 15 miles from MCTI) and we do some housekeeping work over there. My favorite part about going over there is the lunch because it sure as hell beats the food that gets served here.

As for how i'm doing outside of class, i've enjoyed myself just fine. Last night though was a whole different story. Me and my roommate went to the nearby grocery store and got 2 two liters of Pepsi and a bottle of Vodka. Now the school doesn't allow alcohol anywhere on campus, but there is a way to bring it in without getting caught. We brought some empty water bottles with us and put the vodka in the bottles and we disposed of the actual vodka bottle in the dumpster by the store and when we got back to school, we went straight to our room and once we got there, we started our fun. I drank 3 glasses of Pepsi and vodka mixed, but i was still just fine. So then i drank 2 shots of straight up vodka and that shit is nasty straight up, but after drinking those shots, let's just say i was fucked up for the rest of the night.

I just can't wait to be home for good. Why i say that is because there is so much shit going on around here and i'm tired of it. One example of this one of my classmates has a big problem of running his mouth so much. What i mean by that is that talks so much shit that i told him that he should be thinking about what he says before he actually says it, but he doesn't. On friday he pissed off my roommate by telling him to go fuck his mother and then his grandma and then he called him an overweight cow and btw, my roommate is not overweight. Yesterday he finally got what he deserved because he ran his mouth off on one of my friends and he was sick and tired of all his shit talk. So they went to his dorm room and my friend beat his ass. *sigh!* Like i said, i just can't wait to leave this place so that i don't have to deal with the drama here at this place anymore.

Less than 2 weeks baby!! :D :D

One thing i'd like to menton is that i plan on having a party sometime after i graduate. I'm not sure on the exact date yet, but i am having a party for sure. If your interested in coming to my party, feel free to let me know. That would really help so that way it'll be easier for me to pick a day in which everyone that is interested in coming to my party will hopefully be free that day.

Alrighty that's enough for now.

Peace out ya'll! :)
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Date:April 23rd, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
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That's cool, you went back to MCTI. But I totally know how you feel about the drama there...sooo happy I am done. But on the other hand, it was a free school and now I am working in my trade, printing!!
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Date:July 27th, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)
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grounds maintenance? did you know patrick burnett?
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Date:August 13th, 2007 04:23 pm (UTC)
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Yes. He was my room mate while i was staying at MCTI.
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Date:August 13th, 2007 10:03 pm (UTC)
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I thought you were friends with him though. I was...keyword, WAS. You might remember me, I was in the room a few times. Somehow he doesn't want to talk to me anymore, and claims he's been really busy. Whenever I talked to him all he did was complain.