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Nov. 26th, 2006 @ 11:54 pm A little something before i leave tommorow..
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As of tomorrow afternoon, i will be leaving to head back to MCTI.

I had a great time being home, i had a very good turkey day, and it was nice to spend some time seeing my friends and family.

I will be coming home again on December 20th for christmas break and i'll once again be home for nearly 2 weeks.

So until then, if you'd like to reach me at school, there are 2 numbers you can use to get a hold of me -

1) You can get a hold of me by calling my dorm room.

The number for my room is (269) 664-9711

If i'm not there, leave me a message.


2) You can get a hold of me by calling my cell phone.

The number for my cell phone is (586) 322-4834

Once again, leave me a message if my voicemail comes up.

One more thing, i have a pic that i'd like to show to everyone and it's not just any pic, it's a pic of me standing next to Governor Granholm. For those of you that don't know, Governor Granholm came to MCTI during her campaign tour in Western Michigan. She didn't stay for too long, but i was very lucky to my picture taken with her.

Alrighty then, i'll see ya'll at christmas time..

Peace out!!

Here's the pic -

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